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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

I Think I May Have Finished!! :D

Afternoon all

I do believe I have actually finished.  I had run out of cello but a trip to my local florist sorted that little problem and they will order me a whole roll for cost price if I want one.  What lovely people.  Anyway, I have finished the stressed parent hamper for my sister.

More sweetie glasses, these are for mine and my sisters kids.  I think thats around 20 of these I have made now.

This is my hubbys present.  Its a sweetie hamper.  It has a book in it by his fav author that I found in charity shop for 50p.  The sweets are his fav's (parma violets, pineapple rock and plant things with sherbert in) plus a selection box, bullets and all the leftover sweets and choccy from the sweets in glasses.  So its pretty packed out behnd that selection box.

This is the xmas eve hamper for the kids (my 3 and my sisters 2).  They have a sock animal each, slipper socks, popcorn, selection box and snowman soup.

And finally, sock monkey that my daughter is taking to a birthday party later.  I should take taken the picture before wrapping in cello!  Doh!

So I am thinking its all done!  :D

Sal x

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