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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Still Minion Mad!

Evening all

I am currently in the middle of making my daughter a purple minion hat.  I found a lovely fluffy purple wool in my stash and it was just enough to do the hat and with a little left over for hair, I will also use sparkly purple for hair and maybe some normal as well.  That is currently a work in progress.

What I have finished is this for my son.  Please excuse his drunken expression :o  he wasn't really.

 Then I made this adult hat.  Might keep it for myself lol

And finally, its nearly Halloween so had to make a pumpkin mug warmer.  I am going to make a Frankenstein one as well.  And I am sure I can find a third one, then fill with sweeties for the kids.

Need to find a Halloween costume for me for the kids youth club Halloween party that I have volunteered at.  Not got a clue what to wear.  Will pop into charity shop tomorrow and see if there is anything I can upcycle.

Back soon

Sal x

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