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Saturday, 19 October 2013



In my hunt for my Halloween Costume I ended up in a closing down shop.  The shop is the ribbon shop I love but all the ribbons have gone.  He still has some buttons though.  So I bought a few.  These cost me £2.70 which I thought excellent considering the larger ones were meant to be £1.20 each! :o

I finished my daughters hat.  Yay!  Took me all day to do the hair so this may be the last one I made lol  Here it is being modelled by my very lovely daughter.

And I am showing off my daughter's work today.  Whilst I was making the hat she decided she wanted to make a purple minion mug warmer.  So she went through my wool and found the purple sparkly wool.  I started her off and helped her a little but she did most of it herself.  I am very impressed.

 And here she is concentrating on sewing the mouth on.  My little mini me :D

I really must start on my outfit.  I have bought all the bits.  I just need to sew spiders and stuff onto it all.  And make sure it fits.  I spent in total £7.50 on it and got most of it from charity shops.  My best buy was the top which still had a tag saying £19.99 and cost me £1.50 :D  And will be used as a going out top after I have removed said spiders!!! lol
Have a great Saturday.
Sal x

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