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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

*Sneaks Back In* Look at My Minions :D

Evening all

Wow!  How long since I have updated! :o

I have been a bit minion mad.  Made these mug warmers, the first one was for my youngest who found the other mug warmers I made:

 Then I made some minion hats.  This is a childs hat.

This is an adult hat

And this hat I made for dd but she doesn't want the blue bit so I have to make her another one!

And, of course, it is October which means we have had a visitor.  She has made herself at home in hubby's gaming chair with his remote eating choccy's lol

Think that's all for me.  I have 2 half made minion hats to finish.  Just need to get motivated.

Sal x

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