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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Why does it rain when we go away??????????

Evening all

We have been away this weekend to The Lodge (my sisters posh static) and it was great except for the rain. :(  When we got there we went to the entertainment (2 of the kids up on stage but makes a change from me so I am not complaining lol)  and yesterday the kids managed a few hours on their bikes before it rained a lot and we left late so they could do a bit more riding today as the weather was so much better.  Luckily they put on a film on a Saturday afternoon so we took some popcorn and fruit shoots and watched Brave.  Kids are in bed, totally warn out :D

I only managed this photo sadly due to the bad weather but the squirrel is on the tree next to The Lodge and I took it whilst I was in the kitchen. 

Hopefully when we go next time I can get some nicer pictures in the sunshine!!!! 

Sal x

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