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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Look What I Found..........

Evening all

It appears that most years I find stuff in the house/garden.  We have been here nearly 6 years and in that time we have found wicker furniture in summer house, hoover in attic, flymo in shed after spending hours trying to cut the grass with my rubbish lawn mower, a tent that the kids use, small dolls house, the doorway in the living room (ok it was an old one that lead to kitchen but still a surprise), and today, in the attic we found lots of paint and behind the paint in the boarded up chimney breast in attic was 3 demijohns.  It was only a few years ago I was looking for something to make wine in.  Am now undecided if I should use them for wine or sell them (hubby hoping for later), part of the reason I am thinking of selling them is the dead spiders in them.  Will take a lot of sterilizing for me to use them!!!!!   Here they are, dusty, still with spiders in, currently on the ebay pile.

And here are my £4.99 neon pink willies that came with a free umbrella!   No one is going lose me now are they lol

Surely I now must have gone through every single shed/attic/cupboard and there is nothing else to find.  Roll on next year, maybe there is gold under the floor boards!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

Sal x

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