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Monday, 13 May 2013

A Change for the Better????

Evening all

As you can see I have changed the title of the blog.  Rather than it just being for the crafts that I make (or not as the case may be), I thought how about adding the little things in life that make you smile, or even the big things if when there are any.

So, flowers because when I went to Asda today I bought these reduced from £5 to £1.40, still more than I usually like to pay but I havent had flowers for so long and they are lovely even though my flower arranging skills leave a lot to be desired.

And while I am showing you my kitchen widowsill, here are the tomato plants I planted a few weeks ago, they really need to be repotted now.

And teapots......  A while a go, infact several years ago I bought a teapot in a charity shop.  It is a 1 mug teapot, well, 1.5 mugs which is actually ideal for me in the morning, just the right amount.  Anyway, I stopped using it even though it made the cup of tea quite a bit nicer and without the floaty bits on top that I hate, so I have dug it out and am now using it for my morning cuppa (and a half).  So here it is.

Just looking at these photos, makes me smile. :D  Have a good evening.

Sal x

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