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Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Welcome back.
Wanda has been a bit quiet this week as we went away to see my sister and her little baby. He was 6 days old when we got there and they had only just come out of hospital! He was so tiny. Smaller than all of mine and smaller than his older sisters dolly!!! But so so so cute! And kids been busy with homework/parents evening and just recovering from the excitement of the weekend and next weekend (going to caravan but I think wanda might be getting up to a few things there!!!! :D)

Anyway, I have made a sock monster for my friends little boy who loved it (I hope she wasnt just being nice) and I made the mistake of showing my 3 who now all want one!

I only used 1 sock to made another one with the other sock, although I dont think he went as well. Needed more stuffing and I couldnt quite get him right! But he will go with something for a xmas present for my cousins little boy.

And I found a lovely pair of socks that I had to make into a monkey straight away! Dont think she has come out quite as well as I hoped she would but still I think she is alright!

I really do need to start on Otis's this week but need to find the material for his clothes and bells for him (so next week). So instead I started a sock cat draught excluder. I found the biggest pair of socks I had and have started her (did call it a him but dh said its pink so has to be a girl!!! :P) already. She is a bit lumpy as i used cut up old clothes so need to smooth her out and get her sewn up. I am also planning a sock dog draught excluder for the front door (guard dog! lol). Should have photos soon! And of course Wanda's exploits!! :D
As its my 10th wedding anniversary and am having a glass of fizzy wine I will love you and leave you.
Thanks for dropping by xxx

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