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Sunday, 17 October 2010

The Elves are Coming

Hiya Everyone
Welcome back.
I havent got much done this week as I was a bit ill but I have managed to start on the Elf Sock Monkeys. Here they are - naked!
I have ordered the bells for the hats and shoes. And am off shopping tomorrow for material. I am hoping they will be finished this week.
In the mean time I have a set of 5 baby socks which are really colourful, stripes and spots which I am in the middle of making into monkeys and 3 sergeant sock monkeys for my mate. So should have lots more to put on here soon!
And on a final note - Wanda. Wanda hasnt managed to get up to any mischief as the kids wont put her down! My daughter even takes her into school! They take it in turns sleeping with her and cuddle her so tight she cant escape! Maybe this week she will find somewhere to hide to do her little tricks!!! :D
Hope to see you soon. x

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