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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Sparkly Flowers

Good Evening

Life is getting in the way of my sewing.  Had an excellent weekend with our friends.  Moved the bbq to the bottom of the garden and will do some work down there soon.  The kids decided to learn to climb the tree in the garden.  My daughter climbed the highest which I am very proud and horrified at! I am sure I did the same at her age but my little girl that high up is really not good! :O

So after being totally embarrassed by the garden I decided to make a start on the rock garden bit.  I moved rocks from the bottom of the garden to halfway and went to poundland to get lights and stuff.  And this is the result and yes I do know I have forgotton the plants! lol  I am planning on lavender in the black tubs at the back, herbs in the other pots, coloured pots with more plants in and more lights including twinkling lights on the fence.  :D  Ooohhhh and maybe wind chimes.

The plan is to put lanterns on the kids wooden play house and on our summer house even though we cant use ours as 1) its full of junk and 2) its falling down!  But I want it to look pretty.  Now we just need a bit more nice weather so I can get cracking on it again.

I popped into town yesterday and poundland have pink and purple sparkly wool.  So I am making flowers.  Will put some on hair bands and some on clips.  Coming soon to my folksy shop! lol

Best get back to it.

Sal x

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