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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Made the Organizer, now just ot use it! :D

Hello All, thanks for popping by.

I have done a little bit to my kitchen.  Two red pots on the window sill which I planted 1 hot pepper plant and 1 sweet pepper plant.  And thats about it!!!  But its a start. :D

Still not done anything with the dragon except buy the stuffing.  And whilst there I picked up a 30 bottle Chardonnay wine kit reduced from £24 to £6.  Happy days!  Just need to find time to make it.

Instead of making the kitchen thing I decided to make an organiser for my paperwork and diary.  So I made these. 

Ideal for my diary, notepad, little note book and maybe paperwork.  I can have lots of lists at my fingertips rather than piled up EVERYWHERE.  But my mate had these so had to make more.

I have lots of fabric I like so I made these 3.

This is my favourite one.  I love the colours, so bright and cheerful.

I have to buy more interface tomorrow and then I want to make some kids travel art cases.  Although you may have notice my plans dont always happen! lol

Sal x

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