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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Enough of the Crazy


So, my husband now thinks I have totally lost it.  After making my washing up liquid apron, I then made one for my hand soap bottle.

These are so cute and fun to make I then made some more.  And its whilst sewing these that my hubbie made the comment "enough of the crazy".  I prefere unique! :D

Finally I have managed to finish Elmo.  Although why he is so skinny, I dont know and I think I used a different size crochet hook to make the inside of his mouth as it turned out too big so looks a bit odd!  Ah well, showed the kids and they love him so thats all that matters.

I have almost finished the dinosaur but that has turned out a bit odd as well!  And I have dug out a few more cute fabrics for washing up bottle aprons.  Need to keep up the crazy unique, its fun!

Hope to see you soon

Sal x

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