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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Blast from the Past


Hope you are all well. 

I have been thinking about what I can make for the girls in the family for Chirstmas this year, how organised am I!!  Have seen a very modern and lovely rag doll which reminded me about one that I made years ago (over 20! :O).  Here she is.  She is now residing in my waldrobe as she freaks hubby out.  So I was thinking of making these with little outfits, maybe a coat and bag.  I think there are a few little girls who would love one.

But back to what I am doing now.  I went on a cupcake decorating course yesterday (got another one next Wednesday morning) and decorated these cupcakes.  I love them and really enjoyed decorating them.  The kids and hubby certainly enjoyed eating them!

And finally I did manage to finish this pink dinosaur.

I am also part way through my latest project.  My youngest son decided he wanted a dragon and that I had to make it.  So after trawling through the internet I could not find one that I either liked or felt I could do.  So I sketched out roughly, and I do mean roughly on the back of an envelope, of what I wanted and am trying to replicate it in crochet form.  I am actually writing down the pattern as I go and if it works well I will post it here.  Of course if it doesnt you will never hear of it again! lol

I hope everyone has a good evening and hopefully I will be back soon with a crochet dragon. :D

Sal x

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