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Monday, 21 February 2011

So Neglectful......

Hello Everyone

I am so sorry, not posted for a while. I have a few more sock monkeys, a sock teddy and more bunnies. I have also started a new project. But more on that later...

Firstly here are my army monkey. Think I went a bit army mad!

I have also made another pirate. This one has a made with love charm sewn on his ear for his pirate ear ring. But i made him upside down! That'll learn me to rush the sewing machine bit! :(

My sister in law has just given birth so I have this spotty monkey for her new daughter. I am going to sew ribbon onto it so she can be hung from the buggy. My friend is pregnant with a girl as well and I have this one for her already on a ribbon. I also have something else for them so will try and remember to put a piccy of that on as its so cute....

I bought some heart shaped buttons and apart from my bunnies, i couldnt think of anything to put them on as my monkeys dont have noses. So i thought i would try and make a sock teddy. He is a diddy one.

And here are my sock bunnies. I have made 2 medium ones and lots more small ones. I do like the medium one with a red bling nose. I love those buttons. Going to buy more of them! :D

And my new project....
Drum roll please.....
I saw a lovely cat pattern on the internet a while ago and thought I would have a go at making it. I went through a bag of my daughters old clothes and found some lovely pj's and a nightie and made this cat (had 2 of the bling buttons)

I am not totally happy with the cat as she looks ok in the photo but after a while her feet curled up. So I amended the pattern. And as i was amending the pattern i made this dog.
He is made from my sons old fleece blanket but his body looks like a turkey!!! lol It did help to amend the pattern for the cat but I then need to amend the dog pattern so more like dog not turkey.
I am halfway through making another cat with the ameded pattern for my neices birthday. i even bought some lovely fabric with strawberries and toadstools on. Will be finishing her off later.
Phew, thats alot of makes. Must come back more often. I am still having a mental block with regards to the xmas tree for the blog challenge. might have to give up on that one as running out of time. :(
Sal x