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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Should be Ironing.....

Good Afternoon

Not updated for a bit so thought that was ALOT more important than doing any ironing. So my recent makes....

A sargeant sock monkey and I had an order for a knitting nana. I love my knitting nana's although am still not liking the tiny little knitting with the tiny little knitting needles!!! :P

I had an order from my friend for a fridge magnet sock monkey. But the kitchen it was for is white and the fridge silver so nothing pink was allowed (she is moving in with her boyfriend soon so had to match). Well, I couldnt do it totally white so she has a blue bow. She was a bit fiddly to make as I used newborn socks.

And more cats..... I love making the cats. I have just ordered lots of different coloured heart buttons for their noses. They are quite small though so will be for the small kids sock cats.

I am going to put in a huge effort this week to sew all the part made ones up. Starting with the pirate I think. So job for tonight - Pirate!
Will be back soon. x

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