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Saturday, 3 July 2010

Teddy Bear for my Nephew

Hello Everyone
I have recently been given 2 carrier bags of wool from my lovely friend. When I went through it I found this adorable fluffy blue wool. I have also recently found out my sister is having a little boy at the end of September so I thought this wool would make a cuddly teddy.

I have to admit I was a bit concerned about the fluff but as you can see, all the fluff stayed on the inside of the teddy.
And here he is. He turned out soft instead of fluffy and for a change he has green eyes and a red nose rather than the black ones I usually do. I hope Dylan likes him when he arrives!! :D

The only other thing I have made recently is another sock dog like the last one I made. I do like how he came out although the photo doesnt do him justice!

And finally I wanted to share this. Today, my lovely hubbie put together the last 2 patio chairs from the shed (been there 3 years) and the patio heater (2 years in the shed) so we rearranged the patio and now this is my favourite place. I played music on my phone and sat out in the sun watching the kids play in the garden. The white fence splits our garden in half as after the fence is very boggy but today it was dry (whoo hoo) so kids played football down there! Just need to get rid of weeds on patio and mow the law and borrow a strimmer and strim the edges!! Not much to do then!!

Thank you all for popping round. See you soon. x

1 comment:

  1. I love your little sock dogs :) The teddy is beautiful :)
    I always come in and have a look at your sock makes but have not commented before so just thought I would say well done and I must get to make one soon lol.
    Sue x