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Saturday, 10 July 2010

A little bit more work on the Witch!!!

Hello everyone.

The witch now has all her limbs and her hair!! She still needs a hat and clothes. And I really need to think of names. Was thinking of Wanda the Wicked Witch!!! Any ideas gratefully received! And my oldest saw her last night and asked why i have a witch in my sewing bag!!! :P

I have also made this little chappy although I cant decide if he is a boy or a girl so not dressing him.

With this one (who I also cant decide if a boy or a girl) I did his mouth by doing chain stitch. I think it looks quite nice so might make a few like that.

Right, I am off to sit in the garden, which I mowed this morning, and watch the kiddies play. Have a great day everyone. xxx

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