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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Hello Again

Hello Everyone
Welcome back.
I have finally finished the crochet teddy for my oldest son. Although as you can see from this picture I actually used the 3mm crochet hook rather than the 4mm and his leg came out too small!!!!! Ooopppssss!!!! :P

I then redid his leg so I now have a teddy for all 3 of the kids. Here they are:

I did make some bunnies using different techniques from searching on line and have decided to give them to my friends little ones as they cant have too much chocolate. I hope they like them!
And last but not least I have made a sock zebra. I got the sock in the sale and only got 2 pairs. I am kicking myself. I think he is brilliant and want to make lots more but there were no more socks left when I went back! There is even a bit of silver in the socks. A Bling Sock Zebra!!!

On a final note I tried making the toffee vodka into the chocolate mudshake and it was VILE!! The hot chocolate powder just stayed at powder and even after I sieved it, it still wasnt nice! So I will just go back to drinking my toffee vodka straight out of the freezer!!
This week I am making toffee vodka with werthers as they are meant to be the best for making it and also strawberry vodka with chewits. Looking forward to tasting the results!!
Have a great Easter and come back soon!

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