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Saturday, 27 March 2010

2 Weeks Gone By in a Flash

Hiya all

I cant believe 2 weeks have gone by!!! Thank you for coming back.

I have not had time to make my napkins!! Must try harder, I really need them for the kiddies!
Good news this week, I received my vista print order this week for my sales website which I still need to put items on. This is the bag, mug, business card and pen. I love my bag! I cant wait to actually use it!!
I have made the sock dog for my friends birthday and she loved it, it was the closest I could get to a dalmation which is her favourite dog.

It was really fun to make so I made another!!!

I then decided to crochet the kids teddies for easter so dd decided on one made from sparkly wool that my mum gave me which she said feels sparkly. Dh thinks it feels like a brillo pad!!!

This is the teddy for my oldest son. As you can see it is not finished and to be honest I am fed up with crocheting teddies at the moment so might have to rethink that one!! :P

I then decided to make sock bunnies. This is my first attempt:
Hubby thinks it looks like a slug!! Luckily my second attempt was a bit better!
I have also made a drunk sock monkey and a party girl sock monkey to go on my website.
And last but not least meet Ouchie. He is for a little boy who is going to have grommits put in his ears next week. The day I made this the little boys big brother managed to fall over 3 times and get a cut nose, a bump on the head and a bad ear so his mum gave him Ouchie and told him I had put magic dust in the stuffing to make him feel better. Later that night they named him Ouchie and he is now their magic sock monkey who fixes all the bumps and bruises!!

I have also made white chocolate rocky road, milk chocolate rocky road and toffee vodka. Reciepes will follow when I dig them out!! But if you liked the mudshakes (alcoholic choc milkshake) apparently the toffee vodka mixed with milk and drinking chocolate makes one! I will be trying that out and will let you know the results!!
I hope to see you all here again soon!


  1. All your makes are fantastic, I'm loving the Sock Dogs :)

  2. The party girl sock money is great. :) Nice work!

    KB x

  3. Thank you Crafty JuJu. My didnt like the sock dogs but my friend has had 3 off me and my daughter wants one for her birthday (and I like them too!!!) :)

  4. Thanks Kitchenbunny. I do like making the party girls. I am always on the look out for more bling to put on them!