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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

I made one

Evening all

Last weekend we had lots of visitors,  a bbq with all our visitors and lots of drinkies. It was the weekend before my birthday.  Whilst mowing the lawn this was wandering around the garden. And yes I did keep an eye out for mummy as she has a habbit of attacking the neighbours.

As I said it was the weekend before my birthday and my crafty friend, the bobble lady, made this for me, I love it.

So I received my vanishing ink pen, I also have a friend who's birthday is coming up, she has just given me champers so I wanted to do something nice. I trawled the internet looking for sayings and pictures and came up with this.

Dug out some fabric and embroidery threads

And made this. Maybe yellow wasnt the best colour to use. It says 'dogs leave pawprints in your heart' and I really like it.

It took me all afternoon and most of the evening to make. I forgot how fiddly embroidery is and how much it hurts when I stab myself, several times.

Need to make more hoop art, its great fun if a little painful.

Sal x

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