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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Buttons, Witches and Scarecrows, now thats a combination

Evening all

I had a spare few minutes, well about an hour whilst hubby out so wouldnt complain about the sewing machine going. I knocked up these 4 bandanas. 

The other day whilst looking at different facebook pages, I found one selling witches, in particular, kitchen witches, so obviously I had to do some research on this as I love my kitchen and witches ;-) so this is what I found and made

Look who's landed in your kitchen
Bringing fortune to your home
It's me the lucky kitchen witch
Your special little gnome

I'll end burnt pots
I'll keep meals hot
I'll do such magic chores
For I'm your lucky kitchen witch
Keep me safe by your kitchen door

So here she is, I love her and will be making one for anyone who moves house or maybe birthday/Christmas. 

So the loom banding is still going stong in the nutty house. I bought these plastic cases for the kids to keep their loom bands in. As you can see it doesnt even hold a pack, not the bargain I thought I had. 

So I have put buttons in it instead. Only another 3 to find uses for.......

Last Saturday I took the kids to an adult education event making scarecrows. These are now in the garden protecting the seeds the kids planted Saturday afternoon.

Saturday was a busy day for us. After planting the seeds we had a epic family baking session.

Even the boys got involved. We made jam tarts, lemon curd cakes, choc cakes, cheese pastries and pink fairy cakes. All delicious. 

And after such a busy day, what better way to end it, home made chinese, tastier than the takeaway

Thats all from me. Am working on a rabbid that needs to be finished.

Sal x

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