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Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Good evening

We have been away at my sisters static, kids have played on bikes, fallen off logs, been on climbing wall and we have been on lots of walks.  I have also been crocheting. Cant belive I ran out of wool 2 rows before finishing.

I got bored after finishing the bolero and needed something to keep my hands busy so made myself a bracelet.

Then obviously I had to make one for my daughter.

After blinging the dog collars my friend asked me to bling her daughters shoes. These are brand new and I have been a bit nervous to do it. So yesterday,  whilst browsing the charity shop I found similar shoes in my daughters size. So I just had to bling them.

I think they turned out ok, I put the heart in as my friends shoes had a heart she put on.

I am pleased.  I just hope they last!!!!!!!!!

Might have a little play and make a gold bracelet.

Sal x

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