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Friday, 1 November 2013

Blinging and Booing lol

Evening all

So, yesterday was Halloween.  I did try to post last night on my phone but it wouldn't play fair.  Here I am all dressed up.  The spiders on my clothes aren't really showing much :(

Please excuse the state of the living room, the carpet is stained from the work we had done and the walls need painting.  Hopefully we will have them finished soon and then just need to save for the carpet.
I did get the dinning room finished though (except for blinds and carpet).  Here are the 2 pictures of that.  I love the red, and cant wait for the living room to be finished as well although should probably wait until my fingers stop hurting before I start it lol

And finally, look what I bought myself.  Cant wait to use it :D

 Hopefully will have some bling things to show you soon. :D

Sal x

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