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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

4 Days to go....

Evening all

Oooohhhhh only 4 days until holiday.  I havent even started packing yet! :(  But in my defence I was working this morning and had a governor meeting this afternoon.  Tomorrow I have toddler group in morning (really hope they dont expect me to organise craft :O) and ironing in afternoon and then thursday I can start packing.  Plan A :D

And I made this for my friend for her car. :D

I finally decided to sew up the dragon I designed for my youngest son.  Got this far before the wool need broke.  So had to stop although to be fair, he is just missing his other wing.  The rest I still have to crochet so not really holding me back.  Yes, I know he needs eyes.

Hope you all come back soon.

Sal x

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