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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Giant Teddy Bear

Good Morning

Has everyone got snow.  We have had some but I dont think it will still be there tomorrow.  I hope not anyway, I have to drive tomorrow afternoon and I dont drive in the snow.

I made January's contribution to my xmas/birthday stash and I have also made a huge teddy bear for a first birthday but need to make a dinosaur so her mum can pick which she would prefere.  I think the teddy is bigger than she is (the baby not the mum).

So here is the Hello Kitty that I expect my daughter will end up with at some point.

And the teddy bear.  I started to follow a pattern for his head and muzzle.  I then changed the ears as I didnt like the ones on the pattern.  Got half way through the body and changed that.  And then decided that the stubby arms and legs werent very good so came up with my own for them as well.  I am very impressed with how his feet came out. 

His arms and legs are flappy so he can sit and stand.  I think it looks better than stubby ones that dont move.  And much easier to cuddle.

And here he is by my remote control so you can see how big he is. 

I seem to be running out of wool now, I have lots of fluffy wool but only part balls of real wool, not enough of anything to actually make something so a trip into town to buy more is needed.  Off to browse pinterest to get some inspiration for my next project.

Thanks for popping by

Sal x

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