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Saturday, 24 September 2011



Thanks for stopping by.

I havent been doing much crafty stuff recently as college has started back and I am behind with my homework so trying very hard to catch up.

But I have made a dinosaur. I was looking for new patterns (like you do) and my youngest saw a picture of a dinosaur he liked. I then had to buy the pattern and being impatient that I am I then had to go up in the loft to try to find green wool for him.

As you can see I ran out of wool and had to use another green I found. But I still think he looks good as does my youngest although he is actually for my nephew so need to buy green wool to make one for my youngest, and a different green to make one for my eldest and a pink for my daughter.

I have also had a disaster with a teddy bear. I have an arm that is bigger than the leg none of it looks right. i think i must have used different sized crochet hooks so have given up on that for now as I will need to buy more wool to finish it.

Instead I started on another minion as a thank you for my friend who has done witness statements for my college work for me (and she will probably be asked for lots more so have to keep her sweet!!! lol)

I am seeing her Monday and am planning on having him finished by then. Hopefully finished tonight.

See you soon. x